Sunday Stills- Black & White With A Twist

This weeks theme at Sunday Stills was to look back at past topics, choose two, then convert the pictures to black and white. This was a great challenge for me because there were SO many possibilities. Here are a couple pictures I thought were priceless. Neither are my children, just one of the dogs belongs to us. Regardless these two girls are my friends kids (2 different ones) and they are both VERY photogenic. For themes I choose: action (above), portraits? (below), and pets for the last one.

This little girl is a spit fire! She played in the hose then made mud angels in the garden. My mother would have flipped had she been here. Our parenting styles are VERY different. A chilly day last week the kids asked to go in the pool and I said “go for it.” My mother scowled at me and said “what?”. I said, “they won’t be in long, watch.” Within seconds there stood two dripping, happy, popsicles.
I learned early on that it is best to pick and choose your battles.
Are they going to get hurt? No, then GO FOR IT!
Don’t you love that look on her face? I often warn friends to send there kids over in play clothes because they are sure to get dirty. They NEVER let me down! This was a warm sunny day and she and Leah went upstairs in search for bathing suits. Down they came dressed in gymnastic leotards. A while later I realized she had put it on upside down. We all had a good laugh and then they headed up to change for the zillionth time.

My brother’s Chesapeake Bay Retriever playing tug-of-war with our little boxer.
On a final thought, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all!