Gone Fishing!

Nothing like seeing Dad with his girl.

We are fortunate enough to live across the street from the river. However to get there from here you must go down a REAL steep embankment and through a jungle of poison ivy. We cleared an area out across the street 2 years ago and ummmm… that was the year I said “I don’t get poison ivy, never had it.” Can you guess what happened from there? We’ve yet to return. With that in mind, we go down the road about 1/2 a mile to yet another steep area but to a trail that is free and clear of the itchy stuff.

Obviously unimpressed with the depth of the hook……..”John”. This year after some begging from the kids I purchased a license. I usually just play photographer and bring along a good read but now I’ve decided to play along as long as the fish are biting. This is was the first time out for me this season. The kids & John have been out well over a dozen times. Fishing is on the top of Luke’s favorite list. He doesn’t let a day or two go by before asking Dad when they can go out again.

She is always ready with a pose.

I think that one might weigh nearly as much as her.

She is better then Mom. I can bait my hooks with worms and crayfish but I admit I am a little spleeny when it comes to taking the fish off if they are the least bit in there.

Fishing is a great family activity that can be done with little to no costs. I’m glad we have MM to take us out! Luke traps crayfish from the ponds with bait traps and MM & the kids jack worms on rainy nights. John and I have to purchase licenses but the kids do not and will never have to as they both have lifetime fishing, hunting, and archery licenses….how lucky are they?

P.S. All the above fish were caught and released.
Here is a link for a yummy chowder I made last weekend with some perch we had stored in the freezer from this past winter’s ice fishing season.