It’s the simple things…..

To spice it up this week I have decided to do a series of posts titled “It’s the simple things” as a way of sharing some photos and some of the happenings from around the farm. Tonight I scheduled posts that will appear every night with the last one appearing on Saturday. They will not be filled with lots of words but the pictures should tell the story.
Maine Man found the above clothes line out back on our land shortly after we moved here. He put it up the other day and I strung it with clothes line. I have only used my dryer once or twice since. I can’t wait to see my electric bill. Nothing like the smell of clothes on the line after being washed with homemade laundry detergent.
I have given up on making the liquid soap mixture, the dry mix is what I use. It is quick and not so darn messy. I make a batch every week, it takes all of 2 minutes. At a high estimate I’d say it costs 75 cents a batch and it usually lasts us 1 week or more. I always have a back up of store bought liquid detergent that I use on occasion if I am out of the other.