It’s the simple things…..

We have worked real hard over that last few weeks getting the gardens in. Then these little buggers (Cucumber Beatles) move on in and make our plants look like Swiss cheese.
This is our second year of learning and attempting to practice pesticide free gardening. We have never been ones to use them much but any amount is too much. I have a few products from Johnny’s that we use including diamatacious earth and another I cannot recall at the moment. I have also made up the garlic/pepper mixture everyone writes about. I am not convinced that it works. They all scattered just after spraying but they were back come morning.

We rotate our crop placement, mulch, and inspect the plants closely daily. It is been challenging at times but doable and we are learning. Just figured out the other day that Johnny’s catalog has a great guide as to what your pest is and what product works best. BTW the best for everything according to Johnny’s is row covers which we do not have. We do have the greenhouse that we hope to get up in July, can’t wait for that!
Would love to hear from you all. What works for you? We can use all the help we can get!

Planting potatoes. Muck boots & shorts. You might be a redneck if…….

For the most part the gardens are all in. MM is the orchestrator of this deal and I do as I’m told (I assure you in the garden only). He was sweet enough to reserve me an area for herbs which I can plant whatever wherever. For those that do not know us, MM is organized and methodical and I am well …. Helter Skelter.
Up until a couple of years ago he was the planter and I was the picker. Now that I am more into it and our garden has grown into gardens it is a joint effort to plant, maintain, harvest, and preserve.