It’s the simple things…..

This is our first year of growing and tasting kale. I made a potato/kale casserole with our first harvest and second time around we cooked it up and ate it like spinach. John and I loved it and so did Leah. Gotta love her, she’ll eat almost anything. Love to hear from anyone that has any favorite kale recipes to share!

Our first fruit to grow on farm that we planted. YEAH! I swore this year would be the year of the fruit and it is. We planted 30 raspberry bushes, 12 blackberry, and 4 rhubarb that were all given to us by friends. We bought and planted 24 strawberry plants and 2 kiwi bushes. Then the kids were gifted by their cousins a pear tree and some grapes. THANKS to everyone!

I finally put up a pea trellis. It would have taken Maine Man 15 minutes to build. It took me 3 hours. I am not handy by nature, it takes much effort and multiple injuries for me to complete simple tasks.