It’s the simple things…..

The lilacs come and go so fast but their beauty and scent make their brief appearance well worth waiting all year for. Maine Man took a trip up to my Dad’s just after Mother’s Day and I sent him with a vase full of lilacs for my Step Mom (& a bluberry buckle). When he returned he told me that my Dad said the lilacs reminded him of when he was a child, reminded him of his Mother. My Dad, the youngest of 5 lost his beloved Mother when he was in his early twenties. They literally had to carry him out of the funeral. I just recenlty found that out. There is just something about the relationship between a Mother and her boy. Gosh, where are my tissues?

When I am out tending the gardens and feeding the animals I am always scouting for the next bouquet of flowers. Beautiful, simple, and free….just the way I like it!