Another First here on the homestead

Isn’t he sweet? Not Maine Man THE PIG! (ok he don’t look so bad either)
Ham just a few hours before she delivered.

Just after 9pm Sunday night I went out to check on her and I found her delivering piglet #1
This is just a few moments later.

I ran in the house grabbed my camera and yelled for the kids & MM to join me .
In their pj’s in the rain with owls hooting overhead they watched with much excitement.
Luke said, “I bet no one else I know is out this time of night watching a pig have babies.”

About 30 minutes later piglet #2 was born.

(The yellow glow was from a flashlight MM was holding. )
Queenie mentioned in a comment on a previous post that piglets are born in a sac and sneeze their way out. She was right! As you see above the piglet has a coating and soon after they come out of the canal you hear some sneezing going on.

MM was up a few times throughout the night and only 1 other pig was born.

Total count thus far is #3. I was thinking more like 8 , 10 or more?
I have heard they can have more then 1 placenta. We are now wondering if one got stuck in the canal. She is in no distress and was up and about today. MM is out further inspecting her as I type. The problem with doing things for the first time is the mistakes that are made, there are bound to be screw ups.

Time will tell!