Bunny Fun

The TOP 10 lame excuses why I have neglected blogging this summer.
  1. The kids are out of school!
  2. Maine Man has been working days!
  3. Their is always work to be had in the garden!
  4. We have TOO many d*@$ animals!
  5. The lawn always needs mowing.
  6. There is 6 cord of wood screaming “cut me, stack me.”
  7. Facebook is distracting.
  8. Kids birthdays, pig roasts, day trips, camping.
  9. Cooking, Dishes,…Laundry…..A maid would be nice but I’d settle with a dishwasher.
  10. I’m SO stinkin‘ TIRED!!

Stay tuned life will be changing real soon kids are back in school, John will be back to his regular schedule and we are in the process of downsizing animals.

P.S. I contemplated titling this post Farm P%@# but MM thought it may attract the wrong audience. Ha I agree, never thought of it. He is so darn logical! It would not be the first time my impulsiveness has got me in trouble.