Weekly Summary

Maine Man suggested I do a weekly post summarizing the chaos of our lives. Not sure this will be a regular thing but this was a perfect week to do.
* Kitten takes ride to school with MM to pick up kids……under suburban. Amazingly unharmed.
* Rabbits get loose for 282nd time this summer. MM open fires and guess what we have for dinner.
* Boxer injures 1 duck and kills 2. Last week she killed a rabbit.
* Pumpkin & Ham don’t go well together! Pigs…..Pumpkin some how gets into Ham’s pen and Ham nearly shred her to pieces. Never seen anything like it! THANK GOD MM had not left for work yet!
* Flower Girl & I were struck with a horid gastroenteritis.
* MM was down with a nasty respiratory illness.
Those were just a few of our finer moments so far this week, still have 4 days left.
You had to hear MM narrate of the kitten story, I laughed until tears. Glad the little man was safe.
As for rabbit meat, we all love it. I think it tastes better then chicken. The first time MM cooked it he used a slow cooker. It was ok. Along with it he cooked a duck. FG’s exact words were “I liked the bunny better!” I had to agree. I really did not care for the duck. Second time around he coated it and baked it in the oven, yummy!