My Girl’s Apple Sauce

The other night after bath time Flower Girl proclaimed she wanted to make some applesauce.
What’s a Mom to say? I was busy cleaning up so I said “go for it, but your on your own”.
I think she did summon her Dad to cut up a few apples but other than that she did the rest. Last year was the first time she’d ever made it. She came home with the idea from school. I really could not remember what she used for ingredients previously so I kept to myself.

She washed
She peeled
She cored
She chopped
“10 apples”
Put the apples in a crock pot and said to me:
“Mom, Take Note… I used the one slash four cup of honey
& a small spoon of cinnamon”
Slow cooked overnight and once again another tasty treat by Flower Girl!