Looks kind of like this picture but with a lot more white stuff surrounding it. Someone decided that winter was to begin this week in Maine. The week before it was in the 50-60’s and the only attire needed while working outside was a sweatshirt. We had a storm at the beginning of the week and it is snowing as I type. This past Wednesday was the kids first snow day from school, always an exciting moment.

If you want to read a bit about where we bought the greenhouse here is the post form back in April .

Credits to Maine Man who worked from dusk til dawn to finish this project.
First breaking ground…

Lots of cow poo dropped off by the farmer down the road.

Then MM tilled it in.

Doesn’t look like a whole lot but MM spent many hours putting this together. Our new neighbor just across the way even commented on his persistence when he is out working on projects in the yard.

Challenging moments. I wouldn’t exactly say we work well together. If only pictures could speak!

farm help

farm clown

Temporary side enclosure. MM will do something different come Spring to promote optimal ventilation. We do have a big box fan we bought along with it but we’d rather not use if we don’t have too.

We put up 48 feet of the 96 feet we have. It is good to start with. See if it will withstand a Maine winter. We can learn from our mistakes on a smaller scale and if we find we need more we have it.
Now to all you with greenhouse experience…
Is this considered a hoop house where it is not heated or a greenhouse?
Do you have anything growing is yours right now? What do you grow in yours typically?
I have some kale and mesculin greens all sprouted. Should I attempt to put in the ground? If so should I put a row cover on top?
HELP….any advice appreciated here!