Winter Blues

Come this time of year I am really missing going out in the back yard and picking some fresh greens for dinner.

So I throw some seeds (alfalfa, broccoli) in my bioset, add a little water…

and I have sprouts to put on my store bought greens and to top sandwiches with.
I bought this a year or two? ago from Johnny’s for right around $16. Well worth it! They are up to $20 now or they have a kit that goes for $30 that comes with several types of sprout seeds.
Just a thought….they are not for everyone. I bought 2 of these for my two besties and I’ve yet to hear of either of them ever using it.
What can I say? So I’m easily excited. In Maine the winters are long and we all have our things we do to help us cope. I have been drooling though seed catalogs and will soon be placing an order and cooking lots. This time of year I could easily convert this blog to a cooking blog and really just enjoying the laziness of winter! Warm wood stove fires burning, playing games with the kids, reading good books, lounging with my laptop and I must admit I’ve even watched some tv.
What are some things you do to get through the winter blues?
A few links to end with (for my recall and you of course)
Giant Craft Stick Snow Flakes at Crafty Nest – going to make these with the kids sometime soon.
Parmesan Garlic Popcorn from Tammy’s Recipes – tasty popcorn the whole family loved, will make again.
Making Lacto Fermented Mayonnaise by Cheeseslave – add to my “I want” to make list.