Bread Making in the New Year

Last year I declared to be the year of fruit. We planted apples, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and grapes. This year I proclaim to be the year of bread. I initially planned to title this post “A Year In Bread” but then remembered coming across a blog with a similar title a while back. I googled the title and sure enough… I found the blog “A Year in Bread“. 3 bakers initially to post recipes for 1 year but since decided to continue to share their adventures and recipes in bread making. A good resource for newbies like me!

So with a little help from my friends I have made a few things. These pictures are from a recent first time adventure in hamburg roll making. Last year I dabbled a bit with breads: white, oatmeal, wheat, and egg bread. Mostly with a some assistance from my bread machine. Mostly for the purpose of mixing, kneading and initial rise time. Then I’d baked the bread in the oven. This year I have vowed to do without the bread machine.

Instead of the bread machine mixing and kneading the dough I use my kitchen aide.

Maine Man called these “Jesus Rolls”. He said something like… “these are like the bread they made back in his time”. They tasted good warm but after they cooled they hard as a rock.
MM is my biggest critic. When he says it was “this is the best …..I’ve ever tasted ” I know darn well to save the recipe.

Instead of using the bread machine for the initial rising phase I instead use the heat from the wood stove.

I made this bread yesterday. I learned about it at Homemakers that Work. It was quick, easy, tasty, and I love the look of braided bread.
Off to bake more bread before the kids get home!