In the barn

I have not talked much about the animals this winter. The theme of my blog has wandered off onto the food topic. Imagine that! What can I say, I love to cook and it is so nice to have the time to do so. However, with Spring creeping upon us the laziness of winter will soon be just a blur. Throughout the winter we kept a couple dozen Rhode Island red hens, the mean rooster “Bob”. I have told a few tales about him on face book but don’t think I’ve ever shared them here. Basically he has it out for me! Has anyone ever been taken out by spurs? I never would have guessed how painful they were until experiencing it first hand. If my boy didn’t get an incubator for Christmas I assure you he would have been sizzling in my crock pot. Now I am forced to carry a weapon (ski pole/rake) with me at ALL times when they are free ranging or whenever I go into the coop for feedings. Weapon or not I have learned never to take my eyes off him. Not sure what I ever did to deserve this?

Sorry about the tangent…..where was I? 2 dozen RR hens, 1 nasty rooster, 3 Khaki Campbell’s, several Muscovies which we had intentions of eating but their just too sweet. They do serve their purpose here because I really do love cooking with duck eggs! A few free ranging rabbits in the barn. We were suppose to eat them too but Maine Man hates killing them. I must admit they are tasty. We also have 2 pigs, one is ours and the other we are raising for a friend.

Soon to come…….COWS!!! HOW EXCITING? I’ve been dreaming about this for a couple years but this year I am sure it is going to happen. Not sure what we will get…..I want Dexters and MM wants Highland Cattle. It may be neither….we will soon see.