3rd Year Blogging Anniversary

On Monday I will be closing in on my 3rd year of blogging. When I first started I really wasn’t sure how far this may go or what it may turn into. To date this blog has had a total of 28,718 visits averaging between 100-200/day closer to 200/day lately and I currently have 141 followers. Not sure exactly why…..I’m truly not a writer. My high school grammar teacher would probably cringe at the sight of my punctuation and grammar. Maybe it is the critters or Maine Man?

Any Hoo, I have had a lot of fun documenting our nutty lives here in cyberland and I think the responses I get here in my comments and in the community keep me motivated. So I guess what I am getting at is THANK YOU to all who read and enjoy. THANK YOU for ALL for the positive feedback. THANKS to my brother who points things out like mispelling or misuse of words. Ha, he is my biggest critic here.

So in celebrating this anniversary I have TWO requests.

#1 I really want a rename. Remember way back when I requested help in naming John. Angie came up with Maine Man. It stuck and I love it…..not sure if he does or just tolerates like many of the other things I do 😉
So I want a rename. I initially went with Country Girl because it just popped into my head. But there is several of us out there and I just want something different, unique, something that fits. So suggestions, anyone, everyone 🙂 Let’s hear it! HELP

#2 Leave a comment. I would LOVE to hear just ONCE from all you silent readers. And for all you non-bloggers it is EASY. Just go under anonymous and comment that way.

For EVERYONE that leaves a comment, something, anything I will put your name in a drawing for a little something from Maine. Not sure what, if you have a request (maple syrup…whatever within reason) write that in too. If your a local it can be more specific like a baked good, couple dozen farm fresh eggs and I’ll even deliver.

On a final Note, Thanks Kimberly for being one of my most faithful followers. Don’t forget to tell Booker you too are now famous. Love You All!