New Addition

On Thursday morning Cocoa arrived. He is a mix breed Angus/Jersey/Holstein. He was gifted to us by our old man farmer friend as a “token of appreciation.” He comes from and was delivered by one of his farmer friends. We plan to get one more to keep him company and we will eventually gift to some dear friends that have done a lot for our family.

I’m still stuck on getting a Dexter and MM is now talking about getting a Hereford. Who knows what we will end up with. We will wait a little bit until we get a better set up.(fencing up) He is looking a bit skinny in back/hip region. Not sure if it the breed or if he needs to be wormed…. maybe a little of both. I plan to deworm him regardless. Maine Man brushed him good and cleaned him up. For now he is in the barn but before long he will be out to pasture.

I’m thinking I could get REALLY attached to that little man. He has the BIGGEST eyelashes and BIG beautiful eyes. This will be WAY more challenging then raising chickens, turkeys, rabbits, ducks and pigs for or own consumption!

Country Boy has NEARLY convinced be that we need a milking cow, “something we can keep, something we won’t kill”. He definitely has me thinking but I am not sure if Momma wants to add to her chore list as MM may not go along with this endeavor.

The first time I heard him Moo I told MM “Our farm is finally a farm!” This has been a long time coming.