As the Garden Grows, so does the Gardener

Maine Man had an early start at planting this season. For seedlings so far he has started: kale, tomato, peppers, lettuce, onions, cabbage, beets, and broccoli.

In the morning we walk tray after tray out to the greenhouse and at night it all comes back in the house. Maybe next year we will have a wood stove out there.

MM reached deep into his squeaky pockets and paid a whopping $6.00 for tomato seed at Johnny’s. Have I ever mentioned before how frugal (tight) he is? It was a painful experience for him but they are especially suited for the greenhouse.

In the back right of the greenhouse he has planted some peas. Next will be onions. The greenhouse has reached near 90’s on the warmer days.
Can you guess what is hatching today here on the homestead? You’ll just have to come on back to see some great pictures in my next post.