One Lucky Bunny

Our newest addition to Achorn Farm. Meet Willow formerly know as “a meat rabbit”. Last fall a few rabbits escaped and rather then capture we let them free range outside and in the barn for the remainder of the season through winter. Maine Man thought there were only males so there was not worries until we found this sweet thing along with a few others in the barn. Something, MOST likely one of these pesky cats pulled them from their nest. They were hypothermic and a few of them were all staved up. Willow was the SOLE survivor and now has become a pet residing IN my house. Hmmmm, our philosophy has come to not keep anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. I usually say if we can’t eat it we don’t want it but occasionally something wins you over. Willow’s purpose is for loving, snuggling, and her poo will be good for the garden. That works, right?