Nothing like the smell of Lilacs

I have no doubt the kids will have flashbacks of their childhood when they catch wind of a lilac in their adult life. Since they were born I have filled the house with vases and jars stuffed full of these aesthetically pleasing blossoms. Just wish they lasted longer! The season of fresh flowers starts here with daffodils and ends with sunflowers. Nothing like a bouquet of fresh flowers adorning your kitchen table or better yet when you gift some to an elderly couple.

My brother says I’ve been a bad blogger lately but I try. It’s really is not about the lack to topics but yet the lack of time. My goal is to post weekly which I seem to pull off even if they are sometimes brief. Short and sweet is ok, right? I have TONS of pictures and stories to tell….they will come with time. Well it is 7:30 now and I am getting ready to attack a sink full of dishes, make some banana bread, and can some rhubarb for the first time ever. I will let you know how that comes out. Last night I made some blueberry rhubarb jam. It was my first time making jam and the consistency was a little runnier then I expected. Instead of messing with it any further I resised to using it as compote on ice cream, crepes, or angel food cake. I would like any advice any jam makers have on that issue. This week I plan to make up some salsa so I am looking for a recipe if anyone has one posted and is willing share the link here.

Blessed Week to you all!