Toading Time

There is NEVER a dull moment of the farm. The kids can often be found catching frogs, toads in this case, trapping crayfish, trying to save birds that the cats fatally wound and so on. If you have been reading about our madness for a while now you’ll remember this post when Flower Girl attempted to save a chipmunk and there is also pictures of that GINORMOUS snapper the kids caught in the front yard. MM & I spotted that rascally snapper in one of the ponds a few days back. Guess it is a good thing we don’t swim in them. Maybe he’s the reason I’ve lost ducks in past years….or maybe it was just Mr. Fox.

Love this picture! This might be a fun one to enter in the fair this year. In September at our local fair we are planning to put together a farm display. Should be interesting. In past years we have entered vegetables and pictures. The deal is that you must submit 20 varieties of produce that you grow and it must be educational. I think it will be a good learning opportunity for the kids, a fun way to share what we do, and the kids might even be able to score a little coin. I have it all plotted out in my busy little brain.

The reason there were so many toads at the pond is because they were laying eggs. Apparently one of the girls couldn’t hold on any longer.

P.S. That stuff stains!