Honesty Policy

Since moving to the farm we have sold many of goodies by the roadside. We had a farm stand one summer followed by a pumpkin stand that fall. We have sold eggs in a cooler and the kids have sold crawlers a couple of Springs including this past. Some people come and go, others like to chit chat if we are outside. I like both kinds of people. The one thing they all have in common thus far is that MOST people truly are honest. It is nice to be able to leave a jar out and not have to tend the stand, it is nice to know that a good many people are honest. Maine Man is sold out of peppers but he has a few more tomato plants to sell. When I was in town the other day I saw single tomato plants selling for $3.99. We’re not looking to make living, it is just nice to recoup some of money we have in seeds. Next year we will have more of a selection.