Happy Birthday!

Font size Where to start? There is just so much about this young man We LOVE!

~Country Boy I love that you…. are gentle with animals

~I love that you….get just as excited as your sister on her birthday
~I love that you …are creative and imaginative without needing toys as a source of entertainment.

I love that you….love your sister unconditionally even though some days it is not always easy.

I love that you….have an OBSESSION with water balloons! (P.S you have until Friday to pick up the balloon remnants from the party, or else…….;)

I love that you… pitch & play first base. SO Proud! It was not long ago when you would not go to birthday parties for fear of the crowd and if you did I had to be within arms length of you. (remember that next time I go to kiss you at school;)

I love that you….are not scared to get your hands wet.

and your feet dirty, in every sense of the way.

We LOVE the WONDERFUL young man you’ve become!

Happy Birthday Bud!