Random Acts of Kindness

For the past 6 months I’ve listened to my farmer friend speak of a poor gentleman he had previously delivered food to prior to him falling ill. He spoke of this man’s shack he lived in, describing with great detail the sight of his sleeping arrangements in the winter months beside the wood stove. I always felt bad for his situation but it really did not strike a cord until a little over a month ago. My farmer friend told me that the man walked over to his house. (no less than a 5 mile journey) Said he’d been “basically been living on rice.”

There is so much hunger in this world, it is just wrong! One of our most basic needs. How can we as neighbors allow this to happen?

That day,that statement was the beginning of the end of his hunger.

Tomorrow will make our 5th weekly food delivery to his home. My farmer friend & I along with the help of some of our family & friends have been able to put together boxes filled with eggs, fresh garden vegetables, frozen and canned goods even clothing and household goods.
(We are ALWAYS looking for donations so any locals willing to contribute non-perishable items please contact me.)

Do you have an over abundance of eggs, lots of garden vegetables, leftovers? If so, I challenge you to help someone local! If it wasn’t for my New Year’s resolution to deliver a weekly meal to my farmer friend our relationship would have never flourished. Now I see him daily, 7 months later and I can’t imagine my life without him! LOVE that old man & his wife! (and so does MM and the kids)