Not so Ugly Duckings

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We have 13 of these sweet little things running about the farm.

They were hatched out the way nature intended, by their Mommas. No help from Country Boy’s incubator. The way I most prefer but hatching out eggs with the incubator has been a great learning experience. CB has made some money with it as well. It has been running continuously since April. We just hatched out our 4th batch of rhode island red chicks this past weekend.

Unlike chickens the ducks have yet to cause any destruction to the gardens this season hence why they are still running free and the laying hens are behind fencing. They actually seem to be helping with the bug population. This is the first year ever we have not had problems with insects destroying our crops. Maine Man had to dust a few plants with diamatacious earth once but that was it.
Muscovies are by far are one the EASIEST farm animals. They require very little care, they are quiet & clean. They gather in the barn at night and free range during the day. They forage much of food they eat.

Have I ever mentioned that I love baking with duck eggs?