Garlic Harvest

Maine Man & the kids pulled the garlic last week.
Before anyone asks I have no idea what variety it is….organization is not my best quality 😉
What I do know is that it is a mix of soft & hard neck varieties.
It has been drying in the barn. I have given some away and I cook with it frequently.
Hard neck garlics do not have a long shelf life so my plan is to try and freeze a bit, make some pesto, and I may even attempt to pickle some. Flower Girl LOVES pickled garlic. Has anyone ever pickled garlic before? Any suggestions for alternate storage?
Cute little story about pickled garlic….last Christmas I bought some pickled garlic for FG. That night she ate a handful. The next day I noticed she had peculiar breath. It seemed to persist for days. I felt it was endocrine in nature. Ha, the nurse in me! I was convinced she was in DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) or something and even went as far as checking her blood sugar with a glucometer I had. It was normal of course. That afternoon while talking to my BF about the situation, she chuckled and reminded me of all the garlic she’d consumed in the days prior to.
LOL, sometimes knowing more is not always better.