The Garden of Eatin’

Purple potatoes in bloom
These pictures were uploaded 7/7 so this is a peak at the hoop house from about 2 weeks ago. Currently we are eating cucumbers, yellow squash, green peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini from this garden.

Cukes Gone Wild! Not the ideal situation, they are taking over the hoop house. Next year Maine Man plans trim them to a single stem and trellis them as he did with the tomatoes.

Sweet potatoes (part of the Ivy family)

I keep saying I am going to try fried green tomatoes but I have yet to. Does anyone like eating fried green tomatoes or ever try making green tomato salsa?

I am picking a handful of ripe tomatoes daily. The plan is to make some spaghetti sauce real soon!

The side garden by the chicken pen. Today was the first bean picking/eating of the season.
The pumpkin & squash garden. Here are some pics of the gardens 1 month ago. The changes are impressive.

Corn, potatoes, herbs & Muscovies