Putting Up Harvest

You know when you come back from the garden with a basket looking like this you have a full day of work ahead of you. For canned goods so far this season I have put up zucchini relish, zucchini pickles, kosher dill pickles, pickled garlic, rhubarb, strawberry jam, and chicken broth.
With the tomatoes I have made spaghetti sauce and a cream of tomato soup which has already been consumed and or I frozen. I LOVE to can but if I can freeze it that is the usually the route I take out of convenience. For any of you new to canning my canning bible is THE BLUE BOOK OF PRESERVING. It can be purchased on Amazon for less then $10. With our gardens I could literally put food up all day everyday but I do not want to spend my summer in the kitchen. I put up what I can and the rest is consumed fresh or given away to friends & family. Today is a work day catching up around the homestead. I will be putting up some green beans and we will start planting our fall crops in addition to moving the cows. The next 2 days we will play! That is kind of how we roll here. Work a couple… play a couple. It is all about finding that balance! We have had a wonderful summer and I have literally taken thousands of pictures in hopes that some day I will have more computer time to sit down and post about a few of our Maine adventures. Stay tuned 😉