Chicken Stock

We eat chicken on average of once or twice a week. Since we have been raising our own chickens (the last 2-3 year) we’ve always froze most of them whole limiting our chicken variations to baked, rotisserie, or in the crock pot. After we eat and I pick whatever remaining chicken off I always place the remains (bones) in a ziploc in the freezer to eventually make up a chicken stock in my my crock pot. I fill my crock with a couple chicken carcasses, carrots, celery, onions, bay leaves, peppercorns & fresh or dried herbs and let it simmer over night. I’d keep some in the fridge for immediate use and freeze the remaining broth. The last batch of chickens Maine Man processed I asked that he would part them out. I had been really craving some boneless BBQ chicken. He parted out all but 3-4 of 20. I was left with lots of bones so I made up a humongous batch and canned chicken stock for the FIRST time ever. Woooo hoooo. The things that excite me!

Last year was my first year with a pressure canner. Before I had only processed food that only required open water bath such as pickles & relish. Confessions……I did not even dare eat the first batch of beets that I processed via pressure canner. The pigs have enjoyed them and nobody has contracted botulism 😉 I think I am ok this year 😉 I have also used the pressure canner to put up green beans for a first. Looking forward to doing a taste test with some of the green beans I’ve frozen.

This week I am on vacation so I hope to get a few posts in as I have been a little slack lately. We have absolutely NO plans so the week will be spent putting up harvest, planting fall crops, getting the kids ready for school (haircuts, etc..)

Off to pick tomatoes in the hoop house and make some spaghetti sauce. Enjoy your week!