Random Tid Bits of Our Life

No real agenda for this posts just some random photos from the last time I downloaded my camera.

Ate the first spaghetti squash of the season.

Split it, remove seeds, cut in half lengthwise, cook until tender (approx 350 degrees for 45 min)
Remove from oven, stir up with fork, add butter, s & p, and shredded cheese
Heat a little longer then serve…..DELISH!

Would LOVE to hear how others cook theirs up!!

Canning is a whole lot of work but well worth the effort!

Kids have been working on a cabin… gotta love their paint job

Damn tomato hornworms! I joked about hatching one on facebook and my gardening
friends were less then impressed….lol

BEST tomato harvest yet! I have made a couple different batches of spaghetti sauce, cream of tomato soup and Maine Man made some tasty salsa.

BEST pepper season as well.

Confessions: I did not know until about 1 years ago that red peppers are just green peppers that are on the plant longer.

I didn’t know you could grow Bay leaves in Maine either….until I saw a plant at the farmer’s market last summer. I bought the last one. I kept it inside throughout the winter and this summer it has been thriving in the hoop house.

We’ve been eating lots of corn on the cob.

Hubbard squash