Everybody has a Secret…….

………..Hiding place that is. A few evenings a week I often retreat into my secret spot for a quite moment. Sometimes even accompanied by a cold one 😉 for a moment of sanity. This is my view from the hay loft. I never tell when I am going and rarely does anyone come looking for me. I think for fear of being assigned a chore or two, lol!

It was difficult to get a good shot of her but she’s always in the door sill working her magic night after night. I tell the kids our barn is Charlotte’s paradise. I can remember in my younger years visiting farms and as we toured the barns I would always think to myself, “If I had this place I’d clean it up, dust out all these cob webs and wash the windows a bit.” Only now I know why they aren’t all shiny clean. If you have a barn that is truly being used for it’s sole purpose you probably don’t have time. Funny how those webs don’t seem to bother me anymore 🙂