Putting an End to Hunger

At the end of June I wrote a post about a person we (my farmer friend and I) make weekly meal deliveries to. Tonight marked our 15th trip over to his house dropping by food. Every week we deliver a dozen fresh eggs, milk, bread, garden vegetables, meat, canned goods (donated by friends…you know who you are, THANK YOU!), and sometimes even a sweet treat along with a couple gallons of frozen water to supply his cooler for the week.
In past weeks we have also delivered clothing, shoes, and household supplies (tp, soap etc.). Despite our efforts to supply him with weather appropriate (it was up to 100 degrees here today, actually VERY unusual weather for Maine in September) clean clothing he has the SAME attire on EVERY visit…. worn tan pants, t-shit, zip-up sweatshirt with cutoff sleeves propped up with clothes pins, a belt and sneakers with holes. Kinda strange but, to each his own I guess! My farmer friend has finally convinced the man that he’d take him to the social security office next week in hopes to get him enrolled in benefits. He should be able to collect as he is 63 years old. My FF told him he wasn’t sure how much longer he was going to live and he wanted to help him while he could……brought tears to my eyes! I can’t imagine life without that man. LOVE HIM, he has become such an IMPORTANT part of my life! There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not visit him or at the very least talk to him. One that note I can’t urge you enough to take a few extra moments a week out of your busy lives and spend some time with an elderly neighbor or relative. I promise you they will enrich your lives and teach you invaluable lessons if you just take the time and listen.
On a lighter note…..are you wondering why I posted a picture of our naughty dog Rona? Lately we noticed she kept loosing weight to the point of real concern. We wormed her using 2 different wormers thinking that was her problem. After close observation we realized she was literally starving herself in hopes to get table scraps come days end. Despite our dogs bottomless bowl of decent dog food. Can you even imagine? We have NEVER had a dog do something of this nature before. Now in order to get our spoiled rotten dog to eat dog food twice daily we give her what we now call “dog cereal” covering her food with milk or meat broth. Has anyone else ever had a finicky dog like this?