36 things…..

In celebration of 36 years of life I thought about doing an “about me” post for my birthday then I dug through my archives and came across a post titled 25 things about me. So if you care to learn more you can just click on this link, otherwise disregard. Nothing has changed except I finally got rid of my old Nokia cell phone. Believe it or not I have a texting phone. I do not text often. Actually I swore I never would. Hate it when that happens! I swore off facebook too and now I’m a junkie.

36 things that make me SMILE…

  1. the card flower girl made me for my birthday (she writes…”I love you so much. I wish I could always be with you.”)
  2. snail mail
  3. the smell of fall foods cooking
  4. when my kids run to my vehicle when I’ve been gone all day
  5. the sound of duck wings flapping (pictured above) as the fly away from the pond
  6. random compliments & acts of kindness
  7. lobster
  8. being spontaneous
  9. conversation with an old friend
  10. apple picking
  11. the different scents as I walk through the back forty
  12. sunsets
  13. getting dirty
  14. the expression on my farmer friend’s face EVERY time I go visit
  15. when Maine Man can finish my sentence
  16. sharing our bounty with friends & family
  17. Sunday company
  18. camp fires
  19. working up a sweat
  20. being followed from room to room by my kids as I clean up to share their day with me
  21. making people happy
  22. Country Boy’s scent after he has played outside all day
  23. my health
  24. sitting down to eat a meal with my family that we’ve grown/raised here
  25. memories of my grandfather
  26. magazines
  27. fireflies
  28. finishing a good book
  29. flirting
  30. wind blown hair
  31. nature
  32. my camera
  33. music
  34. flip flops
  35. learning something new
  36. happy endings