Putting up Tomatoes

Maine Man grew most of the tomatoes in the hoop house this year. Because of that we were one of the first to have ripe tomatoes and we may be one of the last. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

Good: Lots of tomatoes to eat & giveaway throughout the extended season.

Bad: I am still have vegetables screaming “hey lady you better hurry up and process me or I’ll rot”.

I have made fresh salsa, lots of spaghetti sauce, soup, and tomato sauce. Today I plan to make some more sauce but I think I will can it instead of freeze as we are running out of space.

Fortunately I have a handy dandy Sauce Master that I bought last year at Johnny’s.

It is slick….wash the tomatoes and cut the large ones and throw them in (stems, peelings & all)

Definitely one of my better kitchen gadget investments. Especially come this time of year.

It is amazing to see how many tomatoes it takes to make this sauce.
While we are talking tomatoes has anyone ever made Piccalilli?
I fear that we are going to have a lots of green tomatoes left so I am looking for ways to use some up. I’ve also read you can wrap them up in newspaper and store them in a cool place.
What do you with your green tomatoes?