Hoop House Update

The outside gardens are all done producing for the season with the exception of a few onions & some late season potatoes. We did have several tomato plants but those were taken out by the first frost, this past Saturday night.
This is our first fall with the hoop house.
Maine Man has lots of vegetables growing, including…leeks, spinach, lettuce, turnips, beets, bok choy, and peppers. Not sure if the peppers will produce but they have flowers. We are still have a few left to harvest from the our initial crop. The tomato plants remain and continue to produce. Thankfully MM had it all closed up in anticipation of the frost.
I am anxious to see how much longer these tomato plants survive.
Not sure what we will attempt to grow through the winter. I am hoping at least for some fresh greens because I really do not care for store bought lettuce if I can help it.