Putting Food on the Table ~ day 6

Today we let the kids play hooky. They went out ice fishing with Maine Man.
Country Boy’s first Pike (5 lbs)
And a 1 lb Brook Trout

They waited for me to get home and see the fish before they cut them up.

Some people take their kids out of school to go on elaborate vacations. We let ours skip out for an occasional hunting and/or fishing trip because MM often works the weekend.

To make myself feel guilt-free I consider it a Homeschool Day;)
Subjects covered today: Science, Phys.Ed, Math, and Home Ec
Can you guess what we are eating tonight?
In my next life I plan to be an independently wealthy, homeschooling, stay-at-home Momma. (with a Nanny for respite 😉
For now I will just be thankful that I only have to work part-time. And although we do not technically homeschool I can find comfort in all the ways we supplement our children’s education.