Change in Plans

Not a whole lot to say this week but I sure did do a lot of thinking!

This week I made a trip to the cancer center. It was not to fill in as the imaging department nurse which I have done in the past. It was not to accompany my old farmer for his chemotherapy treatments which I’ve done a good many times. This past Wednesday I made my first trip there as a patient.

To date in 36 years of life I truly think this week was the most difficult. Right up there with the week I lost my grandfather. I went for my consultation & simulation at the cancer center. The consultation left me stunned and speechless. Sadly, I proceeded on to the simulation. (can only imagine what I am going to get for a bill for that) Talk about a humbling experience, almost surreal. That evening and upon awakening the following morning the tears never stopped flowing. Can’t really explain but my gut feeling was that this treatment was not the right choice in my circumstance. I know it has been done previously to treat this condition but the long term effects of radiation just seemed too risky and there were too many unknowns. If I am to go through with this treatment I need a second and/or third opinion that agrees. The following day when I went into work and immediately called the cancer center and to put my treatments on hold and confided in the the doctors I work with. Long story short they contacted a few specialists and sent my records to doctors at Dartmouth-Hicthcock Hospital in NH and John Hopkins in MD. You might be a little unique if they say they are going to present your case at an upcoming conference. I am feeling truly blessed! In a much better place now. Looking forward to proceeding with this process and getting things taken care of even if it does put me in the poor house 😉 or on a plane. (I’ve never flown) Next step, bone scan. Should know more in the next couple weeks. Will be talking Farming soon… I promise! It is almost time to get planting for the greenhouse. Happy days ahead!