Moments That Make It All Worthwhile

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE age 8?
Last night when I was helping Flower Girl cook some goodies for her school lunch she said ….”Mom you know what I love? I love cooking with you and I love spending time with you.”
A few hours before that she gave me a story she wrote at school.
By Flower Girl
Moms & Dads
deadectated to my mom and dad
Moms and dads are the best thing every. they’re the only person I love and will always love for every. They take care of you feed you buy you thing you need or want. They’re everything to a kid and a kids dream of having because they can’t live with out partents because the can’t live by them self they need parents and I swear they are the best thing in the world. I love my parentes so much I wish I could spend every momnet I have with them. I love you so much mom and dad I really do.
Do I have the sweetest kids or what? Hoping to reflect on this letter when she is 16 😉 The picture above was taken just before the Father/Daughter dance.