Local Food Finds

For Mother’s Day Maine Man and the kids gave me a book titled

Bringing Food Home ~The Maine Example

by Merry Stetson Hall

I meet the author of that book a few years back at a conference about local food co-ops. I overheard her speak of this book she was writing and I thought to myself…sounds like something I’d like to read. Funny thing is MM never knew anything about me meeting her or the book she was writing. So almost every night before the lights go out I read a few pages. I LOVE IT more then I ever thought I would. Someday I may even share some tid bits from the book here. It has inspired me to be a faithful supporter of our local farmers markets regularly despite the fact that we produce a good deal of foods right here. In effort to encourage others to “know there farmer” and make more of a conscious effort to buy local I will share my weekly local food finds here throughout the summer along with a random photo or two. (Boy that was a long sentence….hopefully my grammar teacher is not one of my followers…lol)

This weeks finds:

1 lb of asparagus ( I picked a 1 pound from our gardens but I needed another to make that that tasty soup I keep talking about for my farmer friend)

bay leave plant

dill seedlings ( I neglected to start any yet and it is by far one of my favorite herbs)

2 lbs of haddock

P.S I apoligize for the abnormal spacing in this post and some of the other posts. Not sure what is going on with blogger lately. Anyone else having issues?