Naughty, Naughty


I’ve been a bad blogger and will continue to be for a  couple more weeks because……the goat needs milking, the gardens need tending, the windows need washing and the pool could use a little cleaning.  Just CAN’T seem to keep up with all the demands of summer.  See why I truly ENJOY winter!  Outside chores done by 4:30 and inside chores done by 6:00.  Beats the hours we tend to keep this time of year.  I’m not complaining just overwhelmed at times. 

Thursday night our fresh air child arrives from inner city New York for a 2 week visit.  This is her second year coming to the farm.  We are all very excited for her return.  In addition to that we will be hosting a pig roast for Maine Man & 2 of his friend’s 40th birthday in the next couple weeks.  I’m sure I’ll have some good pictures to post of that event. 

Additionally I’m still reading Bringing Food Home ~ The Maine Example by Merry Stetson.  I’m loving that book and I’ve highlighted lots.    Yesterday I received Flower Girl’s home school curriculum in the mail….paid for it with rolled change but we managed.  Now that I’ve looked through it the fear factor has set in.  I also received a book that was sent to me so that I would read and do a book review, “The Back to Basics Handbook”.  I think it may be fall before that happens.

P.S Tonight the kids cooked me up some crayfish from the pond and served it w/ melted butter.  I must admit it was not bad, tasted like lobster just much smaller.  Love those country kids!