Why cry when you can laugh


It is moments like these that make you laugh out loud.  The kids caught a field mouse out under a hay bail.  They claimed him as pet for a few days then sent him free as mother nature intended.  The not so laughing part was when they caught his buddy and he got loose in MY HOUSE…down the vent and into the basement he went.  Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my kids Winking smile



Passed out on the couch with kitty…..Kid, couldn’t you have washed your feet first?  LOL.  Gotta love em’! 

Although the sequence of events for me in 2011 has been one unfortunate event after another those who sometimes drive me absolutely insane at the same time are my SANITY!  Maine Man helps to keep me grounded as well.  Someday I may share with you all my latest dilemma.  But, for now I will deal and be thankful for all I have and try and figure out what lessons I’m suppose get out of my most recent health issue. 

In light of this year I plan to end it on a good note.  Starting Oct 1st I will complete 300 miles (biking, hiking, swimming etc) in 3 months.  I hope to post my progress here and would challenge any other willing beings to join along.  Should be fun and nice to take time out for ME!