Where’s the beef?


Recently Maine Man processed Sir Loin & T-Bone….not an easy task after tending them morning & night for the last couple years.  Above is a picture of part of a liver in comparison to Country Boy’s hand.  IMG_7397rWhat an anatomy lesson for the kids!  CB said in school they dissect frogs, we dissect cows, pigs, & chickens… IMG_7419rrFlower Girl helped process & package part of one of the cows and the rest went to the butchers.IMG_7427rrIMG_7409rr

Here is the front quarter of one of the cows in a walk-in cooler that MM just built.  We are thinking it will serve with a dual purpose for cool crop storage.  We will monitor the temperatures in it closely this winter. 

MM and CB also just processed 50 chickens a couple weeks back and CB’s deer.  Soon they will process the pigs and some ducks.  Nice to have full freezers coming into winter!