Making beef stock


I have been making chicken stock for quite some time.  There is no comparison to the store bought watered down stock that you can purchase at the supermarket.  Like anything homemade is always best.  Since we just butchered out first beef critters I had them save me some bone for soup stock….and I made some.  Easy Peasy!

Place bones in a crockpot  (soon I hope to be cooking it on my wood cook stove….HINT, HINT Maine Man), fill with water, add a large onion, couple carrots & celery stocks, couple bay leaves, several peppercorns, salt, and dried or fresh herbs.  In the summer I use what I have fresh and in the winter I often use an italian blend that my cousin made me.

I let it cook all day or night on low, let it cool, strain with strainer and cheesecloth into a half gallon canning jar, refrigerate.  Skim the fat off the top and either use immediately or freeze in gallon size bags.  You can also can it as I’ve done before with chicken stock.  But, I’m a lazy food preserver and prefer to freeze anything I can.

Makes the BEST soup EVER!