Happy New Year!

I am excited that the new year is upon us.  2011 was not all bad but it surely was not one of my better years.  I am hopeful for the new beginnings of 2012.  I always make new years resolutions but I often try and get a head start by initiating them right around  Christmas.  I believe goals are good and you just never know what may come of them.  I had no idea when I committed  to deliver food weekly for 1 year to an older couple 2 years ago that the man, whom I refer to as my farmer friend would become one of the most significant people in my life!  I see him or speak to him almost every day.  Honestly, I cannot even imagine life without this man.  He truly is the salt of the earth!

So for 2012 I have 3 goals:

  • Perseverance –  Get Fit via the great outdoors taking to the woods 4 days a week and journal about my experience.
  • Patience- have more of it.
  • Organize – I will make great efforts to improve in this category.  This is the #1 thing Maine Man heckles me about.

What are your goals for the New Year?  Would love to hear!

Lastly, I will share a several posts from 2011 that I think are worth bringing forward.

In January I posted about making yogurt and later in the month I shared a pretty picture of my canned goods.  Come March we were making treats for our feathered friends, a great winter project!  In April I posted about our adventures with maple syrup.  By May the greenhouse was starting to have a little color then there was also a  soil review Maine Man did for Kennebec Organics.  By the end of May we were eating the  first of our asparagus.  In June I came home with bees.  Just in time for summer time  bbq’s I posted a tasty recipe for spinach artichoke dip.  By July the gardens were in full bloom and little did I know I’d have a outhouse in my backyard.  To my surprise in September I won $250 in a photo contest hosted through Activity Maine.  In October we used the cider press that my farmer friend brought me a good many times, we even hosted a cider pressing party which will surely become a yearly event.   Into November we were still eating greens from the greenhouse. Enjoy!

Happy New Year to All!