Slow Food

After years of coping with wood cook-stove envy I am finally happy to say I have my own.  My neighbor, Biker Stacy has an BEAUTIFUL cook-stove!  I last posted about this last year almost to date when Maine Man was cleaning it up.  If I wasn’t so lazy I’d dig deep to find the before pictures of it…. you would be amazed.   So THANKFUL for my handy man who fixed it up and for my farmer friend who bartered to get me this great find.  Those 2 men are the main reasons why many of my farming/homesteading dreams come true!I’ve only experimented with cooking on top but I will soon experiment with the oven.  One thing I quickly figured out is that small pieces of wood are best to burn when attempting to keep the temperature up.  County Boy has been chopping up our firewood and keeping me in good supply even without being asked.  LOVE that boy!

To date I’ve cooked soup, home fries, breakfast sausage, veggie stir fry, and applesauce.  I will post again after I experiment a bit with the baking.     In effort to educate myself on the matter I am slowly making my way through a borrowed book, Woodstove Cookery ~At Home On The Range by Jane Cooper (1977).  I am headed upstairs to read as soon as I finish this post.  After I get bored with that I will delve into a  book I bought MM for Christmas, We Took To The Woods by Louise Dickinson .  All the while the kids are quietly watching Johnny English for the umpteenth time.  Perfect Saturday night in my eyes, my how times change.  For the better I’d say!