Sweet Child of Mine

Cat o’ Nine Tails….. in case your wondering.  As I scrolled through the pictures I took last week I came to this series of photos.  I had forgotten I had even taken these.  They put a smile on my face, it’s just so Flower Girl!  My sweet little free spirit.  You see I always say that Maine Man and Country Boy are a lot alike.  I believe they are both old souls.  As for FG & I,  we are also two peas in a pod.  I often think of the two of us as new spirits trying to figure our way through this thing we call life.

FG’s writing prompt this week:

Written verbatim:

One day when I woke up the earth looked as it had a soft white blanket covering it.  snow was gentely pelting to the ground….I stood staring at it for a while.  It was beautiful….just beautiful!  I could not stop staring at a sight like this!  So then I ran down stairs to see the frosty world!  First I put on my nice and cozy skipants, second I put on my extremly fluffy Black coat, Then I put my wonderful warm Bog Bots, after that I put my furey pink hat on, Then last of all I put on my puffy, warm, Black, mittens.  I finily was all ready to go out side when all the suden.  “FG what are you doing?  It’s five in the morning!” “Yeah I know it’s five and I am going outside.  Just look how beauitiuful it is!” “Anyway have you eaten Breakfast?” “Yes ummmmmm NO……but I am not hungrey.” “You should eat before you go outside….and that is not a choice.”  “fine.”  “I am going back up to Bed so your on your own.”  “OK!”  After that I cooked up some yummy yellow fresh chiken eggs and some wonderful crispy brown backon.  After that finlly I started to go outside….when I tool a step out I said ” Oh my gosh!  This is….the best…..THING I HAVE SEEN SENSE LOBSTER!!!!!!”

Love that kid!