It’s a miracle

It’s hard to believe but my bees survived their first winter here!  A few weeks back I made “bee candy” to hold them over until there is a plentiful supply of pollen & nectar.  I’m guessing their food stores are running low even though I did not take any honey from them last year.  The bee candy I made up consisted of a cooked mixture of corn syrup, sugar, water, and vanilla.  Apparently it was so tasty Flower Girl was seen sneaking off with chunks of it.  I have found the longer I have the bees the more stupid brave I get around them.  Like messing with the hive without my gear on and without my smoker.  I got away with it a couple times but this last time I went out to feed them let’s just say I ran faster then I had in quite some time.  I also utilized the outhouse as a hideout.  Lesson learned!  Next visit with my bees I will be appropriately protected.  More pictures to come!