The baddest blogger of them all…..+ fiddleheads

Just because I haven’t been blogging much doesn’t mean I’m not taking pictures.  I have good excuses: kids birthdays, homeschooling, attempting to maintain 2 homes, a good trilogy that has me sucked in.  LOL!  Any how… about a month a go I took the kids and their cousins on our yearly fiddle-heading expedition.

In previous years we have gathered as many fiddleheads as we could in effort to stock up.   This year we went out just to get enough greens for a couple of meals.  I think foraging is an important skill for the kids to learn and participate in.  In addition,  the experience of going out every year makes for a good time and memories they will cherish later in life.  If you have any interest in looking back here is the post I did in 2010 and 2011 on fiddleheading.

The greenhouse has been plentiful providing us with many salad greens, radish, swiss chard, bok choy (Maine Man’s favorite), spinach, and most recently broccoli.

On a final note I want to take a moment and THANK all of the people who take the time and leave me a quick comment on blogspot or here on BDN, the people I run into in my community that make it a point say something nice about my blog.  Kinda funny… even MM has been recognized at work as “the guy on Achorn Farm”.  Also to my 350 followers on blog spot and the 200-300 hits per day over there and here at BDN.  This THANK YOU is long over due!  Thanks for sticking with me and my absences.  If it wasn’t for you I would have retired as a blogger in this busy point in our life.

Love & Peace to you all!