Greenhouse updates

Someone recently asked that I post more about the greenhouse.  Here are a few pictures I took tonight.  Maine Man recently took the sides off for the summer to allow for better airflow.

This is a 48 ft unheated greenhouse that we have had since 2009. We bought 96 ft greenhouse but MM assembled the rest as a storage building for our boat.  I have wrote about it several times in the past so if you are interested in a little history here are some links you can refer back to.

:: Here is a post of when we were preparing to buy the greenhouse 

:: This post is when we put it up.  I must admit has been kinda fun digging through my archives.  Makes me realize how much the kids have grown.  Also, it is amazing how much one forgets.  Lastly, I had some good laughs at some of the comments I wrote about our shenanigans.  Some things never change…..

:: What it looked like in March 2010, July 2010,  August 2010 (you have to check out the tomato plants) October 2010, January 2011,  May 2011,  June 2011

Take a moment and click back, you won’t be disappointed.  There where several other posts but I will leave you with these easy readings for now.  Night, Night 😉