Rural Life isn’t for the Faint of Heart

At the beginning of the week I woke to find a baby goat out in the cow pasture.  By the time I turned the electric fence off (momma goat) Trixie had made her way over the 4 tier fence to get to her baby.  I noticed she kept bleating and looking around as if there was another.  Within a few minutes I discovered her first born.  She never cleaned him off and he was very big.  What a bummer!  I can’t help but wonder if he would have survived had we been awake for her delivery.   Earlier this summer our Alpine goat, Dolly had 3 kids.  We witnessed 2 of the 3 come out…some day I hope to post the pictures.  That was our first experience with kidding.


A few days later, on Maine Man’s birthday to be exact we had to lay our beloved boxer, Rona down.  Hoping for things to turn around!  It’s pretty sad when the kids say, “why does everything we love have to die?.”  That’s a hard question to answer.