In the Kitchen…

Check out the latest renovation in this old farmhouse.  My farmer friend made it 30 years back gifting it to me a couple years ago.  This Spring it made its way to my kitchen THANKS to my big brother.  Lying on top of it is a homemade fishing pole Country Boy’s cousin made him for his birthday.  Isn’t that a great gift?  CB made him an awesome bow from an ash sapling in return for his birthday.  Good ole’ fashion gift giving!  Love it!

About 1 month ago a friend offered CB & I a smoothie.  I almost declined but changed my mind last minute. Glad I did, it was delicious and I’ve been making them regularly ever since.

Here’s the deal…first freeze ALL your fruits.  Smaller pieces work better.   Initially I made them with:

  • Banana
  • Couple handfuls of blueberries & strawberries
  • Juice, I’ve been using apple cider because it has no added sugar.  But vodka is great too for a special treat.  I tried that for a first time last night.

Mix until smooth in my food processor.

Now that I’ve made them several times I’ve started to experiment with other fruit such as apples, cherries, and I just put some pineapple chunks in the freezer last night.

Makes for a wicked good, healthy, energy producing drink.  I like them best for breakfast!